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Things I Want But Can Not Have Right Now

I don't care what anyone says about Lolita style or what it means to dress that way or how awful people who wear the style can be. This dress is pretty much the only dress I want for the rest of my life in every color and/or print imaginable.It's just so perfect in its simplicity, and greatly fulfills my secret desire to dress like Sara Crewe all day every day.Alas, I cannot afford it. Also, I wear size Fatty McFatFat , so I wouldn't be able to wear it even if I suddenly had a lot of money to spare.Thus, I am going to do the only thing I can in regards to this dress: whine about not having it on the internet.Maybe try and hit up a tailor in the US who can make it to my landwhale measurements, but I really can't afford that either. The want is still strong for this one. Excuse me while I go flail around and sob in a corner.


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