Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Things I Want for the New Year (that I will not get)

And in no particular order.

1. World peace.

Yeah. Not happening. Anyhoo ...

2. Racists on Facebook to have an epiphany

Not happening.

3. A flying car

They do exist!

4. A lot of kittens.

Maybe 12 or so.

5. To get a full time job.

I really want to have to stop cobbling a full time job together with adjunct work. It's demeaning, and it's scary, because it can go away at the drop of a hat, depending on who is in charge.


6. A cure for cancer released to the masses

7. Conservative party to become obsolete

Sorry, conservatives, but your ideas are mainly based on selfishness and fear, with a bit of racism thrown in there.


8. Universal healthcare

hahahaha! Sorry. I know that's not happening.

9. A greenhouse

What? I'd really love one.

10. An actual house I bought

Something modern that I built myself since we're living in fairypretendland now

**One I hope will be achieved:

11. The good health of my family and myself

12. A date with a hot geek

What would be on your list?


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