It’s been three weeks since I left my ex, although that doesn’t seem long, it’s been an interesting adventure. I have no place to live but I have a great support system, I’ve spent 1 week moving from place to place and 2 in total luxury of my coworkers room. Not too mention everyone and their cousin has gone “if you find yourself in trouble you can stay on my couch! I mean it!” But I haven’t found a new place to live and countless reactions to places to live and about 8 visits have not yielded any results yet. Still, my life feels something like a surreal experience. There’s the relative anxiety of not knowing where I’ll stay come saturday, while also living in relative comfort. This situation allows me to look at many things in a detached way but also given birth to all kinds of feelings. There are some things I am currently convinced of though (the likelihood of these changing is, like always, very big Since humans are ever evolving)

  1. No on is perfect. People who think they are more perfect than the average person are delusional and not great to be with.
  2. But really there is no point in putting yourself down. Every person is completely flawed. This makes them beautiful and unique, not fundamentally wrong or broken. It’s okay to want to improve little bits in yourself so long as you accept that the reality of you is great just how it is.
  3. Also feel free to tell yourself you’re awesome sometimes. You don’t even fully need to mean it. You just need to practice it.
  4. It doesn’t help to bury yourself in the anxiety you feel. Things are hard. This is true. But it won’t help to focus in it. Know it. Feel it. And give it it’s own space.
  5. There is also no point to unfounded and unrealistic expectations to the future. Have hope, havr optimism. But don’t assume you’ll find a penthouse for 1 where you can bring your pets and live the life of comfort. And when your friends act like everything will be dandy and you’ll for sure find this dreamhouse about your situation file that under optimistic support, not under ‘are you an idiot and don’t realise how the world is set up or what?’
  6. feelings don’t come when you plan them. There’s no point in telling yourself ‘today I am sad so tonight when I’ll get home I’ll indulge this feeling’, chances are you’ll feel different 10+ hrs into the future and that’s a good thing. Let them come when they come.

Anything you’ve learned recently? Share them with me!