So far:

1. Rawhide bones

2. Several Greenie bones (once he got into a whole bag. I thought he ate them all, but he kept emerging from my bedroom with them for the next several days. Apparently he just squirreled them all away somewhere.)

3. A bottle of wasabi mayo

4. A package of seaweed snacks

5. Oreos (not in package, discovered after I put on a sweater and there was an entire oreo stuck to it).


Does your animal hide any weird stuff around your house?

ETA: Just remembered that we once had a cardboard box filled with styrafoam bowls of ramen noodles, which were individually wrapped in plastic. The noodles inside the bowl were also wrapped in plastic. I left this box on the floor and it stayed there for about a month. Then one day, randomly, he opened the box himself and one of the bowls went missing. I found the bowl, but not the noodles or the packet of soy sauce. I thought he ate them entirely, until I found them in the laundry basket.