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Things People Say to Make You Lose All Respect For Them

What are they? What are some statements people can make that IMMEDIATELY cause you to think "this person is a freaking idiot?" I'm not talking about facepalm-worthy phrases where you just want to kindly explain to someone why what they said is stupid (such as "Hey, not all white people are like that"). I'm talking about truly stupid phrases that indicate someone whose brain is likely irredeemable. Throw me some of yours, and I'll add them to the list.

Here are some of mine (and yes, a lot of these were made during the experience earlier today).

— "Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant"/"The Civil War was about economics."
— "Abraham Lincoln didn't care about freeing slaves and black people shouldn't have any reverence for him." (Amazingly, you find Lincoln stupidity on BOTH ends of the spectrum)
— Using the phrases "personal responsibility" or "political correctness."
— "Obamacare is Socialist."/"The shutdown is the equal fault of both parties."/"It's Obama's shutdown."/"Making corporations pay for birth control impinges on religious freedom."
— Using the term "RINO" unironically.
— Anything any MRA has ever said ever (obviously) — the most obvious of these is the use of the term "friendzone" (Genghis Khan't)
— "I'm not racist/sexist/homophobic, BUT..." (Horrible_Pourable)
— "This country was founded as a Christian nation." (MadamePeaceLove)
— "Vaccines cause autism."/"Vaccinating my child is a personal choice." (MadamePeaceLove)
— Any attempt to negatively modify the last name of the President (including but not limited to: Obummer, Obsama, Obysmal, Nobama) (HeadlessBetty)
— "We should end the Fed/go back to the gold standard." (HeadlessBetty)
— "The Confederate Flag isn't a symbol of racism, it's just a symbol of Southern pride." (sugarhill)
— "America is the greatest country in the history of the world." (sugarhill)
— "If you want to institute Socialist policies, move to a Socialist country." (sugarhill)
— "My favorite author is Ayn Rand/JD Salinger/Chuck Palahniuk." (Paradoxymoron)
— Any comparison of an objectively non-tyrannical political regime/agenda/process to the Third Reich. (Kyosuke)
— The phrases "reverse racism" or "feminist agenda." (andthatsjustmydayjob)
—"I'm sorry if you were offended." (sepiacoloured)


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