Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Things that annoy me...

#1. The asshole downstairs who has a new subwoofer and video game.

#2. Being the building bitch that has to go tell him to STFU.

#3. Stupid upstairs people WHO DO LAUNDRY NEAR OUR BEDROOM AT 11:05.

#4. Whisper posts with bad grammar. Seriously, check that shit. You know Buzzfeed's going to steal it—let's try to use our best spelling and grammar.


#5. Goop-ey bitches who are snide.

#6. Meetings with Goop-ey bitches who are snide.

#7. Clementines are not sold everywhere at at all times of day.

#8. The closest supermarket to my school is wicked overpriced.

#9. Wednesdays.

#10. How Wednesdays is spelled...

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