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When you’ve sent two certified letters to your landlord - both received - which specifically state that you’re moving out on March 5th. No return communication or objection results. You put a check for March 1-5 rent in the rent box. And yet, come the morning of March 1, their maintenance guy keys into your apartment (indeed, while you’re in a towel), and says, “Oh... Not vacant?”

Omens of a bad week right? Yeesh.

There’s this whole other saga related to trying to get them to confirm our tenancy for the purposes of our new apartment application (which they did not do, not returning calls or faxes for 2.5 weeks until new landlords decided to mercifully just give us a pass) that confirms the levels of either incompetence or DGAF happening here. I was just hoping that if I was extra diligent and clear, there’d be no room for confusion and/or conflict.


Excuse me while I paranoidly put on my figurative boxing gloves.

P.S. More reasons to hate moving. 😤

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