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Feel free to share your annoyances as well.

1. Trump

2. Republicans

3 Anyone who works with Trump, wants to work with Trump, is related to Trump, is married to someone related to Trump.


4. All words that rhyme with Trump

5. People who half ass shoveling snow on their sidewalks. It’s better not to shovel at all than to leave an inch of snow that sort of melted and then froze into super slippery ice.

6. So #5 refers to basically everyone in my neighborhood.

7. Also refers to the people who cleared snow on campus, and who left the walkways in front of my building - which are on inclines - covered with ice.


8. People who vote republican even though it is 100% not in their best interest (see Louisiana and the GOP’s plans to gut medicare, social security, etc.).

9. Me because I have no mug in the place where I work 2 days a week, and so if there is not time to pick up tea on the way, I have no way to drink tea. Thus, I had to buy coffee this morning (but there is an upside, see below).


10. My mom because she is being manipulative, and I am over it.

11. The people in Ohio - and elsewhere - who are pushing terrifying abortion restrictions.


12. The democrats for not talking to their base - for not getting out there more and talking about how we are going to fight this - how we won’t allow a tampered election to determine our presidency, how we won’t allow DJT and the GOP to take away our hard fought rights. How we won’t allow science to be negatively impacted by conservatives. I want them telling me how they are going to protect me and fight for me. I want us to stop playing nice and trying to be bipartisan and avoid upsetting conservatives. The time for that shit is over.

13. Trump

Things that are not pissing me off this morning

1. cheese bagel that has been toasted and is delicious.

By the way - has anyone seen Search Party - starring Alia Shawkat? I loved it.

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