The fact that this game exists.

And this game also exists.

If women made a “Rapelay” game, I seriously doubt the Kotaku audience would have the same “It’s just a game!” reaction.

If some indie dev girl made a game about female DV victims, I seriously doubt the Kotaku audience would be falling over themselves to call her a genius. In fact, my guess is the GG freaks would immediately dox and harass her.

And this? 

But the DCCC signal on abortion is in keeping with some of what Sen. Bernie Sanders has been pushing for — that the party emphasize its economic message over its cultural one. It’s this philosophy that led Sanders to campaign this past spring for a Democratic mayoral candidate in Omaha, Nebraska, who voted for abortion restriction measures during his time in the state Senate.


How the fuck are you gonna pretend abortion isn’t an economic issue. Oh right, cause it doesn’t affect men. The two parties in our country are quickly becoming “White bros who wanna shoot guns” versus “White bros who wanna smoke pot.”

Telling them they’re wrong about something is an attack on their free speech! How dare you! They should be allowed to post whatever they want on privately-owned Twitter/Facebook/Reddit servers! But forcing a woman to die in childbirth and not have any control over her own body? issue no one cares about.

If you can get so riled about not being allowed to smoke pot, then why aren’t you offended by the idea that someone can’t control their own body? My favorite one - if you’re so offended at the idea of child support, why don’t you support a woman’s right to terminate? I’ve had a dude argue that it’s fine that insurance companies cover viagra. He said that’s different than BC... even though his entire argument against BC is that he doesn’t think he should have to “pay for someone else’s sex life.” I mean.


I get annoyed with men in general, sure. I’ve been single and rejected by men. Who doesn’t get rejected at least once in their life?? But, that never morphed into this hatred for them that overrides all my ability to reason logically. What is that? And where does it come from? How is it so potent? Women don’t do jack shit to you, and yet you hate us that much? And I know the common answers - patriarchal society, misogyny, etc. But misogyny is as old as human nature. It manifests in so many different ways (MASSIVE TW on that link for depression, suicide, mummified bodies). And women feed into it too! Like I’m seriously starting to wonder if misogyny is a part of human DNA or something. Rant over. :/