Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Things that are difficult, a list.

Ranked from easy to hard: Things that are difficult when your dominant hand (thumb specifically) is incapacitated.

  1. Drinking
  2. Dancing in the shower
  3. Putting on PJ’s
  4. ETA: Turn on faucet
  5. Shave legs
  6. Brush teeth
  7. Shampooing hair
  8. Get money from the inside pocket of your backpack in a crowded tram
  9. Take off and put back on jeans
  10. And belt
  11. Brush hair
  12. ETA: Type on phone
  13. ETA: Open packets of any kind
  14. Write or draw with non-dominant hand (objective not achieved)
  15. Cut own food (objective not achieved)

Give me your list of things that are difficult! In return I will gif you this!


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