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Things that are still good

Sometimes it’s hard not to give into either despair or just shutting down altogether because of all the terrible things on the news. It seems like everything is awful and falling apart. But there are still good things and good people. In the wake of yet more shootings and subsequent politicking between right and left, I need to take a moment to try to remember encouraging things in the world.

My glimmer of hope for the day: “Young People.” It seems like the youngest generation gets a bad wrap among the older crowd, as has been since time immemorial. There are countless think pieces on emotional fragility, self-absorption, laziness, and entitlement. But for me, I am constantly amazed and encouraged by young people. They are so much better informed on issues of social justice than previous generations, and they care a lot about it. They care about social issues, they share with each other. I hear young people talking about issues of race, class, and institutional violence in a way that is far more sophisticated than previous generations. Statistically young people are more likely to want jobs that mean something to them, and their entrepreneurship is more focused on social issues. Contrary to the hand-wringing think-pieces and burnt out exasperation of my teacher friends, young people give me hope.


Let’s just take a second to talk about good things, big or small, if you need that reminder as much as I do.

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