Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1) My back hurts because I've been hunched over, studying all day for a test tomorrow.

2) My boyfriend found 2 white hairs in my hair today. I've never noticed them, and I didn't even know I had white hair. I'm 23, why do I have white hairs, waaaah? (Although I know it's common to find a strand or 2 or 3 at this point in your life.) And they were like ombre, black on top and white on the bottom. It was weird.

3) We're moving houses in 4 days and I cannot face the fact that this is happening. I'm not even nearly done packing, and every time I think about moving from this house, I start to tear up.


4) So yesterday, I went to a hair consultation appointment to see if I could get my hair dyed. At this salon, you schedule a consultation on one day and do the color on another day. They said the consultation was free but charged me $30, even though I didn't want to go through with the hair coloring because apparently I would have to come in several times to get the color I wanted (my hair is black) and it would be hundreds of dollars. Like, I understand that you took your time out to talk to me, but don't advertise it as being free because it's not technically free. The $30 is a deposit towards your total, which I get, but I don't get why I had to pay $30 for 15 minutes of someone's time in which they only talked to me, nothing else. Fuck that. I'm still really bitter about that. I'm never going in to that salon again, even though I really liked it, because they were really deceiving. I could've gotten my haircut for 30-fucking-dollars. Whatever, maybe this is common in salons and I'm just clueless.

Anyway, I would gladly love for this week to be over already!

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