Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey guys.
I can't concentrate. Monday is already the worst, and I volunteered at a music festival all weekend. My brain is moosh.


In the spirit of my brain doesn't work yet, I wanted to have a nice, fun, complaining post. What are things that you feel like you should like, but you actually just really hate?
I'll go first!

What is supposed to be fun about this? I always hate how I look when I'm trying on new clothes. I hate the lights. I hate the flooring. I hate walking around like a zombie and trying to dodge other zombies.


-Hanging out at the Beach.
Okay, this needs a caveat. I love the Atlantic, I love the Pacific. I love having sand in crevices, and having my hands torn up on barnacles and rocks. I do.
But I hate crowds of people who all like those things too. If I want to enjoy a beach I want to do it at sunset, alone, with wine. And without the sun turning me into a lobster.

-Getting Compliments.
Guys, I am really working on this. But I am the world's worst receiver of compliments. I can't handle it. I get twitchy, and sweaty and I start talking about shitty aspects of myself that no one needs to know. Compliment don't make me feel better, they make me feel like you are setting yourself up for disappointment when you realize I actually kind of suck.


Your turns!
What is something you feel weird for not loving?

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