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Things that bug you in written text

Hey all, I'm crowdsourcing a lesson for tomorrow from you guys. I want to put together a big list of things that are annoying to see in written text so I can give it to my students as a big "Hey, watch what yer doin' here" sign.

So the alot is an obvious inclusion. As is the fact that the word definitely has no a. Definitely is definitely not definately, and super definitely not defiantly - that's a completely different word.

Choose is present tense, chose is past tense.

Lose is a verb with the past tense of lost. Loose is often an adjective meaning not tight, and can be a verb (with the past tense of loosed) meaning to unleash or let go.


Lead is a metal. It rhymes with led, which is the past tense of the verb to lead (rhymes with feed).

Give me all the annoying things you've got - I'll be making a big lesson out of this tomorrow, so I need ammo.

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