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Things That Feel Impossible

Like I’ve written about on here many many times, my roommate and I, who I was friends with before, are basically not on speaking terms anymore. There were some cleanliness and hygiene issues, then a very complicated series of events which led to her telling our landlord (a very good friend of my mother) that she wouldn’t pay back rent she owed and that it was illegal for him to ask her for it, then she told him she was moving out but never told me, and then never moved out but disappeared for long amounts of time without letting me know what was going on, then started being really rude to me. The last straw for me was when I asked her to pay her portion of our internet bill on time and she gave me enormous attitude about it. I pretty much stopped talking to her after that. Last month she told me she was going to sublet from a friend who was leaving town for a few months. Great! I just found out that when my landlord came by to do some yard work yesterday she told him she has no place to go and is going to have to go to a homeless shelter.

Obviously I don’t want her to keep living here, but I also obviously don’t want her to be homeless. But I don’t even know which story is true, and at this point I don’t know how on earth I could bring it up to her.


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