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Things that I like (that I wouldn't admit anywhere but here)

I follow a few blogs by people who have quit their jobs to blog and take in all the free shirt and opportunities blogging apparently provides. Now, overall I despise interweb fights. Just loathe them. I really dislike conflict and dislike how negative and judgey people get on the net.

However, a part of me loves reading negative comments of a certain ilk on these blogs - two blogs in particular. One of the ones I read is a home improvement blog - she quit her job to blog - and then her husband lost his job. So they are both living off of her blogging income. She at one point wrote about their financial concerns and people were offering to give her money. Shortly after that she wrote about their buying a giant victorian house - and the commenters went insane. There were some other purchases in there that her commenters got really upset about. She has also, since then, had like another kid or two, and paid for a ton of renovations on the house. She also does a ton of sponsored posts now where super spendy businesses give her free shirt and she writes about how great it all is. People get annoyed both by her shilling and her decorating her house with stuff they can’t afford anymore (when she started out, they had a very modest budget - and so a lot was DIY or on the super cheap - so far more relatable). I kind of love all of the drama.

On another blog, the woman used to be a hairstylist, which is what made me read her blog in the beginning - because I am always looking for hair advice. She has since quit her job, blogs as her source of income and has had two kids - with another on the way. She also does a ton of sponsored posts - which really annoys her readers. Most recently she and her husband took a trip to NYC and in advance asked for ideas for what to do. She just posted about what they actually did - and the comments got so heated, she had to shut the comments down! People were super mad that she didn’t take any ideas from the commenters, super mad that while on the trip, they went to see a movie (a movie while on vacation in NYC!), and that she said they thought about going to a museum, but no museum seemed “compelling” to them. The comments just exploded. On top of it, people were complaining that she never responds to their comments.


I don’t know why I love this so much - I’m sure in some way it makes me feel better about myself (maybe bc it looks like they have their lives completely together - and both have lives I never chose/couldn’t have —the whole marriage and kids thing).

I will say, it is really annoying when people get all their income from their blogs and then really never do respond to comments on their blogs (there are a couple bloggers I follow who rarely get comments - and when they do - they don’t respond. I don’t get why they don’t see that that kind of engagement keeps people reading!). Also, if you do sponsored posts - make sure you have lots of unsponsored ones in between. Finally, never forget that the readers largely are supporting your lifestyle - if they go away, so does the cash and free stuff.

What do you like that you wouldn’t want to admit to others?

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