Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Things that inexplicably disappear, ranked.

My final contribution to the Inane Parade. A list of things which inexplicably disappear from my home. (The youngest & last youngling that lives with us doesn't drive, so no, she hasn't absconded with the gift cards for a wild night out of Bloomin' Onions or Breadsticks & Salad.) Ranked from least to most "Fuck, REALLY?"

Small spoons (aka tea but in reality cereal or comfortably soup-sized).
Nail clippers.
Dog leashes
Gift cards from Grandma, to restaurants we don't like.
That one damn gift card to a restaurant we love
Ponytail holders and freaking bobby pins. You'd think I'm like the witch from Bugs Bunny cartoons, all wild-hair and bobby pins flying everywhere.
Tape. Packing, clear, doesn't matter. Never where it was last.


And finally:
Nail files. (Separate category than clippers, dammit, why are they always GONE?)

The struggle, friends. I know some are normal (socks, ponytail holders) but seriously I'm writing this whole damned post because I recently bit my normally long nails down to the quick, and need just one scraggly ass emory board, at least, before I do it again.


Does this happen to everyone?

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