Firstly- I think I may actually win a pissing contest! Yay for getting peed on as a child?

Secondly- I’m a big fan of post apocalyptic/dystopian fantasy. Your Walking Deads, your Jerichos, your Hunger Games and what have you. I’m currently streaming Jericho on Netflix because, sure! I used to have a crush on Skeet- he’s like a poor man’s Johnny Depp! So, I’m watching it and in practically every iteration of society after a calamity- they never address the fact that crafting would be a HUGE part of their day. Especially in a nuclear winter type scenario, you would be quilting/knitting/crocheting definitely, all of those activities are indoors, none of them require a lot of skill to make a basic scarf or blanket, can be done by the elderly or people with physical handicaps and supplies could be stolen/scrounged by raiding a local craft store(bonus- the local Michaels is probably relatively zombie/warlord free), people would be re-learning cobbling and millinery, whittling would create kindling for fires as well as occupy the minds of younger teens and older children to keep them out of trouble and create something like rudimentary toys for even younger children. You would have people making candles and re-learning how to do that, as well as people figuring out how to make soap from scratch. Hand sewing new garments, or simply patching the garments that already exist. Weaving inedible grasses into baskets or mats. You may have shown them growing gardens for food or raising livestock- what about re-learning how to salt and smoke meat and can fruit and vegetable for preservation through the winter? Now I understand that you simply cannot show all of these things in a show concentrated on the drama of surviving, but lets be honest. I knit and crochet, but suck at hand sewing. I understand the pinterest-y basics of making soap and candles, but have never actually done it. I know how, and have canned before- but in a modern kitchen with all the supplies I could ever ask for at my disposal (and not, say, in water I had to boil over an open flame). In and amongst the love triangles and power struggles and all that jazz, you would think SOMEONE would be shown in the background doing the sort of hard pioneer crafting that would help people survive a winter. You need a good place for some exposition? Why a group of people gossiping at a quilting circle fits that bill nicely. I just think that would be interesting- to see how modern cell phone and google taught people have to snap back into a pioneer type mindset. Maybe it’s just me though....?