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Welcome To The Bitchery
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things that made me happy during this summer

I will now report on recent bright points in the sea of shit. I came away from my summer feeling really good, and these are why.

1) Had an awesome conversation with one of my favorite people about feminism, privilege, and other important things. It was prompted by his saying that he was trying to be a feminist, but that he didn't feel like he was doing very well, since he was "part of the patriarchy." I launched into it; he listened really well. Bonus: there was delicious food.


2) Got to know another friend better, and he turns out to be a total mensch. He instantly, intuitively had feminist perspectives on all the crappy, crappy sexual assault and harassment stuff in the news and did not hesitate to air those perspectives publicly.

3) Bonus about menschly friend: He's charming and very good-looking — and partnered — but he's so on top of his boundaries and so comfortable to be around that one feels not even a flicker of attraction to him. It's like he doesn't have receptors on the outside of his body for other people's potential crushes. Total teflon. It's really wild.


4) Tore up the dance floor with my moves to the horror and awe of a group of youngs half my age.

What's making you happy?

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