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Things that made you completely break down today

The story on the main page about Linda Daniels made me lose it today. If you don’t want to go to the mainpage, here’s the story.

A woman in hospice care died just hours after the utility company cut off power to her New Jersey house because of an overdue bill.

The woman relied on an oxygen tank powered by electricity to breathe.

And yeah, they were trying to pay off the balance. They had already sent enough to keep it on, but the company claims they didn’t get it. And yeah, they called EMS. And yeah, they did the correct paperwork to alert the electric company her house required electricity. The EC says they didn’t but BULLSHIT. Because if you’re set up in hospice that gets done right away.


The story is heart-wrenching; if you’re a person who actually has a heart. I cussed out someone on the MP so I probably won’t be able to post on Jez after today. Not really mad about that. I’m just wondering how the FUCK people reason with themselves!? How can you look at that woman’s picture and not lose it!? She looks so much like my grandma. And I knew right away why they couldn’t move her too. She’s bigger. She’s fragile. If someone is in hospice you can’t just pull those people all over the place. And my guess is Linda wanted to be home and NOT in a hospital. I bet anything that poor woman decided she’d rather die in her home than on the way to the hospital. AND THOSE WERE HER CHOICES.

What the fuck is wrong with this country and what the FUCK is wrong with the people in it. How can you read this and still defend the fucking utility company!?!? What kind of fucking MONSTER sees that sweet-looking woman’s face and just HAS to defend the utility company first and foremost!?

Fuck this fucking country. And fuck most of the people in it.

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