Today is a beautiful day and although my life is still in the grips of concussion, there are so many things that make me happy. So share with me things that are making you happy today or you feel thankful for! I’ll start.

  1. The weather. It’s been sunny here (which cheers me up!) but the temperature here is not too high and it isn’t stuffy. A chilly breeze means that you still need a jacket and that bedrooms aren’t warm and stuffy at night.
  2. My sunglasses! Because although I love the sunniness, light is my mortal enemy today. I have it on almost all the time, even when I was working (to the amusement of my co-workers as you can imagine). They are cheap things but they fit and they help which makes me very happy! They are my best friend <3
  3. Online shopping. I bought so much stuff online yesterday and I can bring it back with such ease, it’s perfect! I want to look pretty but shopping is out of the question right now. I ordered so much you guys.. So very very much..
  4. My concussion progress. I’m progressing far faster than I could have hoped. I don’t expect things will keep going quite so fast but I’m very happy for how well I’m doing! I get sensory overload pretty quickly and I have to keep myself very zen all of the time. If I get too excited I overload myself. But today I worked for 4 hours! (Was at work for 4 hours, worked 3. Breaks are good.) I’ve really learned to listen to what my head and energy levels are telling me. I don’t set alarms. I leave when I can tell I’m getting tired or too overwhelmed. High five body for giving great signals!
  5. My co-workers/friends. They are all being so sweet and supportive, asking how I’m doing and reminding me at all times not to push myself too much. A few are coming over tonight to watch Game of Thrones. I did the groceries and they’ll be cooking me dinner while I relax. I remember once upon a time having shitty friends who would boo me for not drinking, instead of friends who would ask me how I’m feeling. These friends are good friends. ETA: Point in fact, they came over tonight with a makeshift fruitbasket. It has fruit inside a beer carton with balloons attached that they blew themselves while standing outside of the supermarket. I love them! (I’d show you pictures but Kinja isn’t having any of it)
  6. Running into sexy rebound guy. At work. In the kitchen. With one of my bosses and coworkers there. In the most dorkably awkward run-in ever. He gave me three kisses after we ran into each other and as we said goodbye (less than 10 minutes later). We hadn’t seen each other since the Night so we were both probably visibly startled. He looked silly. Still looked hella sexy. Turns out he’s going to start as an intern after the summer at our company! I’m stil so happy with that decision, every memory of it just makes me feel light, sexy and cheerful. He was the perfect rebound! (part of me wonders if I should text him, but then I’m like, nah..)
  7. Still fingers crossed about the apartment. We haven’t heard anything yet, hopefully they’ll call our office on friday to confirm our employment. At least we’ll know we’re on the short list then!
  8. My life right now. Every time I think of my ex, every attempt at communication (I need to speak to him about some stuff I forgot, but he’s blocking my calls) reminds me again of what a petty person he was and I’m SO happy with my life right now!

Now you go!

eta : boo my gifs aren’t working :(