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Things to Call "Him"

So, last month I made a post on tumblr about how I refuse to call “him” president or call “him” by name (copy paste is below) and a list of things I will call him (inspired by Jez’s brilliant habit of doing just that). But last night I came up with yet another moniker to use instead and I’m really pleased with it:


Another name I came up with after first posting is Donaldemort.

The OP:

I Refuse to Call Him President

Hell, I refuse to write his name ever again. Here’s a list of things I have and/or will call him…

  • Malicious Tangerine
  • Angry Polyp
  • Hostile Snatch-Grabber
  • Orange Supremacist
  • Horror Clown
  • Hate-oozing Malignancy
  • The Monster
  • Scooby-Doo Villian
  • Festering Rot Statue
  • Yuge Sack of Lies
  • Cursed Puppet Made of Rotted Meat
  • Davros’s Evil Twin
  • Vicious Tuber Worm
  • Infectious Hate-Capsule
  • Ignorant Gold Toilet
  • Vomitous Pumpkin Zombie
  • Evil Possessed Scarecrow
  • Clueless Old Horndog
  • Roast Bigot
  • America’s Tragedy

I also posted a shout-out to the Detrumify Chrome extension that replaces his name with various substitutions of this nature.

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