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I've been having kind of a painful day. Nothing terrible, just that my hip has decided to be awful today, and so I've basically been sitting on my heat pad and directing traffic around me. (Quick back story: I tore something in my lower back 7 years ago. Due to shitty doctors, it healed eventually but healed crookedly and with scar tissue, so my left hip is now being pulled ever so slightly out of joint. Most days I'm fine, if a little cautious with that leg, some days I have to stand/sit carefully and stretch a lot, and some days, it's fiery, screaming agony and goes weak when I try to walk. Today has been one of the latter.)

We have our annual fire extinguisher/smoke detector check tomorrow, so I have been hassling kids and menfolk to get the downstairs picked up and tidy. It's frustrating that I can't just get up and do it myself, and I was definitely getting a little testy with people.


Husband walks past me carrying a small ladder (? I have no idea) and I asked him, "What are you doing with that ladder?"

He replied instantly, "I'm bringing it back to Jacob."

Y'all, I died. He's always a smartass, but he's not usually quite that quick on the draw. It was beautiful. Improved my night no end.

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