Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have one friend in particular who is a christian, a progressive, a democrat - but she is not pro choice. I have this sense that if she talked to a family planning doctor about why the right to choose is so critical for women - and if she heard some of the stories of why women choose abortion and the sizable risks to them if they don’t have access, she might move a bit on the scale.

Does anyone have any suggestions - in light of David Brooks’ stupid forking op-ed today - of things that would be a compelling read (or a video?)?

Thank you!

While I have you hear - I am just in a rage this week over the media. The biggest offender to me - worse than stupid David Brooks - is this (below) piece from Jezebel. The headline in and of itself is just asinine.I don’t even want to talk about it it makes me so mad. But feel free to do so - or talk about any of the shirt that is bad for women right now. I’m so mad at our country right now - it’s not even funny.


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