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Things You Can Do When You Spend Christmas Eve Alone

Double posting day! A quick list of pros about why Christmas is best enjoyed solo.

1. You can crack open a tiny, adorable looking bottle of Veuve Clicquot at noon! On a very messy desk, of course (desk at home, don't worry!).


2. You can continue to research without people making you set tables and shit.

3. You can watch "Santa" being tracked on CNN.

4. You can do a hair mask and a facial mask.

5. Take naps. After sleeping in.

6. You can enjoy the warm weather (sorry everyone who lives in frozen over hell!). Also the sunshine!

7. You can make something for dinner you actually like.

8. Get piss drunk.

Honestly, should have started doing this years ago. Would have saved a ton on plane tickets and emotional baggage.


I regret nothing!

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