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Things You Can Live Without, Part 2

So last May I wrote about the things Boyrax lived without. Now that we live together we've gotten a great deal of these. I visited a friend this weekend and was thankful that the list there was as small as it was.


First things first: he's 22 years old and sleeps in a twin size bed. Which, when Boyrax and I visited, he lent to us. So the two of us in a twin size bed. Good times! Also he only had one pillow and one twin-size blanket so we had to fight over that all night. That's not where the terrible things came in though...these are not ranked in any sort of order, just things that existed in this apartment.

  • The floor was stained and covered with a fine dusting of something white. He did in fact own a vacuum but it was broken so I'll give him the dust, but not the dark stains in every single room.
  • In the corner of the kitchen there was a massive pile of trash. In the front hall there were 3 bags of trash. In his room a bag of trash hung on the back of the door. A bag of trash was the king of some fast food bags in the "living room".
  • They had one single real curtain, which was used in the bathroom window. The rest of the windows had sheets or towels pinned to the walls next to them.
  • They had no juice, milk, soda, or anything to drink other than water and alcohol.
  • The ceiling of the bathroom was covered in what I highly suspect was black mold.
  • When Boyrax tried to shower, he was given a towel that "I'm pretty sure has been washed recently." I felt lucky that I could get away with not showering for a few days while I was there.
  • His front door had no doorknob. It had a deadbolt, but I was confused because anyone could just reach in the MASSIVE HOLE WHERE THE DOORKNOB SHOULD BE and turn it from the inside.
  • Their furniture consisted of a broken futon, a patio chair, one nice easy chair, and various computer chairs from the roommates that lived there.

I think I got everything. Some of these (curtains for example) are a matter of them all being broke college students that prefer to spend their money on new computer parts and alcohol than necessities, but after I was there I didn't feel bad about the faint stain left in the toilet bowl that I was obsessing over or the bags of clothes behind the couch that I need to donate to Goodwill.

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