Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, like 3 years ago, I had a minor outpatient surgery which left me super sore and drugged up for the rest of the day. Mr. Q carried me upstairs, turned on Soapnet (oh, I miss that channel!), tucked me in, let me nap. I woke up at some point, still extremely loopy, and changed the channel to MSNBC. Because I always feel it is important to keep up on current events or something.

I fall back to sleep, wake up again, and something was happening in Libya, so I start trying to pay attention to the news, except I've still got at least a little bit of drugs still in me. So they flash a picture of Muammar Gaddafi, and suddenly - even though I'd seen plenty of pictures of the man - I mistake him for my father-in-law. So I scream. "Mr. Quagmire! Your dad is on the news! Why didn't you tell me he was in so much trouble?" I'm basically hysterical, so upset that something terrible must have happened to our family.


He comes RUNNING in, confused, because as far as he knows, his father is at work, and not in any legal hot water. He stares at the TV for a minute, and then starts laughing. "Holy shit, he looks just like my dad. How did we never notice this before?"

And we just saw a commercial for the new Showtime documentary about him. He starts laughing, and he says, "you ruined my ability to watch this. Just so you know. I'll never know the tawdry details, all because you made me think of my father every time I see a picture of a horrible dictator." But he TOTALLY looks like him. It's crazy. I want to watch the movie, but I will accidentally call Big Mr. Q "Muammar" next time I get drunk at a holiday, and then the secret of his doppelganger will be out.

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