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Things you did that you no longer do

Little Tyrant was crying for no reason at all, so I sat down at the piano after months of not playing. I was so rusty! My dogs weren't thrilled, but the music placated the baby enough for him to fall asleep.

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After a year of begging to for piano lessons, I started to learn on the first day of second grade. I took lessons until I graduated from high school. The piano was really a gateway into other instruments: in fourth grade I started to learn the baritone (which I would continue to play through part of college), and eventually I would learn the tuba and trombone, though never very well. I joined every single music group available to me in high school—chorus, chorale, madrigals, concert band, marching band, jazz band. My obsession kept me from sports (can't do tennis because it conflicts with marching band; can't do soccer because it conflicts with the spring musical). All of my friends were in band, chorus, or both. The band closet was practically my locker. I was never the best singer or pianist or baritone player because I wasn't invested enough in practicing at home, but I loved it. My parents joked that it was my therapy, and they weren't wrong.

The music program at my college was lackluster compared to the large program at my high school, and since I didn't want to make a career of music, I began to fizzle out. I did a couple of semesters of band and choir, but didn't keep up with it. After college I shared a house with three other women and was too broke to afford a piano. For my birthday my roommates got me a tiny keyboard and it made me so happy I cried.


When we bought a house my parents loaded up my childhood piano and drove it across two states themselves and, miraculously, without damaging it. I'll occasionally sit down and play and sing, but it's not the every day priority it was before. And I miss it! I wish there were opportunities for me to be part of a group again, but there really aren't any around here.

Did you ever have a talent or interest that you abandoned? Why did you abandon it? Would you start it again?

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