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Things you know are bad but you like them anyway

I was just discussing this with my BFF, and I thought it would be fun to ask the commentariat. In our drunken discussion, I settled on these three things: (Hers were mostly related to sci-fi).

Glee: I know it's bad. It's demonstrably, objectively bad in some episodes. I'm not such a fan of them (The Spanish Teacher, Furt), but I still really like it. I watch all the episodes on Hulu and download the songs I like! I don't even care that it's kinda devolved into karaoke. Where else can I find Matt Morrison and Kristen Chenowith singing "Alone" as a duet?!


Christmas music: I have worked retail, and I've worked it in the Christmas season. I should hate this shit, right? AND I'm an atheist, (I don't much like the Jesus-y songs) but I will listen to anything recorded by the angelic ladies of Celtic Woman. I am aware that record companies make artists release Christmas albums as a good cash grab, but even that doesn't bother me. Without cash grabs, we wouldn't have NSYNC's Home for Christmas or Cee-Lo's Magic Moment. And I love "Jingle Bells!" My best friend ruled this as my most embarassing choice until we got to...

The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats: This show was meant for me. It was meant for me to be seen when I was the age I saw it at ten years old. My family took me to see it about two weeks before we adopted our first pets, two wonderful kittens. I had been obsessed with cats ever since I could read, and I was an amateur expert on all cats big and small. I saw it on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre, and when I was in NYC with my best friend years later, we got drunk and saw Mamma Mia! Even though I was drunk, I was so very excited to be in the same theatre where I had seen Cats almost 15 years earlier. We sobered up by the middle of the first act, but the magic was still there.

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