In the spirit of previous posts and inspired by the cold weather , what are some things you like about Winter? What are some things you hate about Winter?


Things I Like*:

Things I Hate:

  • The coldness
  • The electricity bill
  • I have to wait for my car to warm up
  • The ice (Why is my part of Texas ALWAYS getting iced over?)
  • The rudeness of people who like to participate in the the capitalism perversion that is Christmas (I will move when I find what I need, person. GO AROUND!)
  • Stores running out of Hot Chocolate
  • Buying Winter Clothes
  • The coldness
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • White everything
  • People who get mad cause I say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas
  • Puns that local news stations use for weather and the fluff news
  • The Christmas music that is played 24 hours day on the radio stations(even the Rock station plays rock versions of Christmas music. NO, STAHP IT! No more Christmas music)
  • People who get mad that I am too lazy sometimes to write out Christmas and instead write xmas
  • The coldness
  • Stores running out of rock salt
  • People who buy pets for Christmas
  • The coldness
  • The "Let's make everything peppermint flavor!" attitude. (NO.)

When is Spring getting here?

*Yes, I did leave this blank. There is nothing good about Winter.