I'll be in Washington, D.C. in less than 2 weeks and I'm getting super excited. I've asked you about places of interest and places where I should eat. Now I want to know the things you wish tourists knew about your great city.

Things I would tell a visitor to LA:

  • Rent a car and try not to drive like an idiot
  • Jaywalking is not normal here. You will get hit, honked at or flipped off if you just step into the street. Our cops give tickets for jaywalking
  • Los Angeles is much bigger than you think it is
  • Hollywood is sketchy and celebrities do not live there.
  • Most people in LA do not work in entertainment. Most of us look like normals

What misconceptions do I probably have about DC? What should I know before I go?

And here is a Veep gif because I just finished that show and it's hilarious and awesome and everyone should watch it: