Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sharing is caring, and there have been plenty of times we’ve read someone’s comment or post here and had a lightbulb moment of “oh it’s not just me that experiences that” etc etc.

So this post is for any of us to share things that once we bothered to google them, we’ve wished we’d learned sooner.

I’ll start.

For years, after I’ve brushed my teeth, for an hour or so there is like white goo/slime in my mouth. Not bad, but a little along the bottom of the gum line. I always assumed I was being dumb and not rinsing well enough. Or maybe I had some dry mouth happening. Or it was allergy season anyways and everything with sinuses was messed up as it was so it was probably related to that. Etc etc.



Finally googled white slime after brushing teeth, turns out that I’ve been irritating my gums and mouth for years with too abrasive of whitening toothpastes.

Anyhoo, switched to the Trader Joe’s version of Tom’s toothpaste on Monday and no white biofilm gunk since then!

Share your own stories, I’m sure I’ll learn from everyone’s experiences. 

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