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Things you wish you were good at, but will probably never be

I was wondering what everyone else wished they could do. But things you realistically will never be able to do?

I always wanted to be able to sing amazingly. I can hold a tune, but barely. In high school, most of my friends were REALLY good and would get lead roles in the school musicals. I always got a chorus part, I suspect because our drama teacher felt bad for me. Every once in a while, I’ll go to a bar with my friends and they’ll have karaoke (of course my friends are really good at it!)... After a few drinks, I’ll think, “Hey! I can do that!” As soon as I get on stage I deeply regret it. So yeah, my main, number one fantasy is that I was an amazing singer. I like to put on music when no one else is home and belt it out, terribly.


How about you?

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