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Things you & your family do that embarrass you

My mom (white woman) in line at a foodplace this week as she spots a BOC (baby of color idk if boy or girl.. I think girl.. Anyway it’s irrelevant).

Mom : “*gasp* BC! Look! Look at this baby! It’s unreal! Look at it! It’s like a doll! You could sell it in a store! Wow..
Me : “Yes ma.. haha.. Let’s move along now and not say weird shit about other peoples babies..” *super embarassed*
Mom 10 minutes later : “That was such a beautiful baby wasn’t it?”
Me: “Yes ma but you can’t say a black baby can be sold in a store as a white woman. You can’t say that.”
Mom: “It really was a beautiful baby. Perfectly symmetrical face, those big bright button eyes but not too big. Beautiful.”

Why couldn’t you say that 10 minutes ago mom? Why not say that instead of the doll and the buying things.. Why..


Which reminded me of some years ago before I’d attempted to at least educate myself a little bit about my own place in this world. I was walking at a US base in Germany with a friend and these two little kids were climbing up their mothers arms, using her for all intents and purposes as a jungle gym.

Me: “Aww look at those little monkeys, they’re so cute.”
Friend: *totally shocked* “You can’t say that!! SSSshhh why would you say that?!”
Me: *completely oblivious* “Why not? They’re climbing like monkeys and they’re little.. what..?!
Friend: “You can’t call black kids monkeys that’s totally racist!”
Me: “...Oh shit.. I’m a moron..” *facepalm*

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