Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tell me about times when you’ve had super strong impulses to do something you absolutely know you shouldn’t.


Last night I had a dentist appointment where I admitted that since the election my penchant for highly acidic, chewy, fruity candy has skyrocketed. I was then given a fluoride treatment and a gentle scolding. I followed that up by going to the grocery store and buying not only a couple of bags of cherry sours, but cider drinking vinegar.

Right now I’m at the salon with a scalp full of bleach, so I texted Mr. B a pic and said, “How about if I stop here and keep the bushy black eyebrows?” According to him, that’s not a good look. I’m not gonna do it, obviously, but there is a strong urge to just stop at fried blonde.

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