Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

“He never would have known I was looking at his butt if you hadn’t said anything!”

Usually that would be a creepy thing to say, but I was referring to my dog. Cosmo was lying perpendicular to me with his butt facing towards me. Usually he gets mad when I check him for fleas, so this was the perfect chance to check him. I used the flash light on my phone, and gave a once over to his exposed butt. My friend said “Stop it! You’re going to wake him up” and as soon as he said that, Cosmo picked his head up, looked at me, and promptly moved away. That’s when I said the above line. After saying it, we realized how weird it would sound out of context and couldn’t help laughing.


What are some things you’ve said that sound weird out of context?

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