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Aside from the news, I haven’t watched much TV or cinema since the election. Over the past few weeks, I caught up a bit. Here’s some of what I’ve watched:

1. Supergirl. The last two eps made me cry - not because of her, but because of the anti-Trump, pro-immigrant, pro-Hillary messages. Also, queer girls who don’t die or have horrible subplots.

2. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Love this show, as always. For me, the themes of overcoming difficult things with authenticity and goodness - despite being flat-footed and naive at times, are themes that work very well for me. I’m also glad I now know what being at Columbia will be like as well. :)


4. Sense8. I watched the first ep when this came out and was interested, but it fell off my radar. I caught up recently on both seasons - and really liked it - though it’s not without problems (srsly - in the first season - those 20 minute montages of all of them doing the same things in diff locales alternating with doing them together was just a waste of time). I find myself missing that world where sex and gender are more on a continuum and of less importance than who you are. I also miss the high level of queerness (Fusion recently had an article on the low representation of LGBTQ folks in the media - and the responses were depressing). However, I didn’t love how cisgendered women were presented (except for Sun - she is awesome). ETA: I am now completely obsessed with the song “What’s going on” by Four non-blondes - love Linda Perrys’ voice so much.

5. The Keepers. Due to discussion of this series on GT, I started watching this - only one ep it, and am hooked.

6. Hasan Minhaj. Homecoming King. Loved this - you need to watch it. Now please.

7. One Mississippi. Love Tig - loved this show, though it was a bit uncomfy at times. I didn’t love how the stepdad was treated - I imagine it was warranted, but in the series he comes off as a pretty sweet guy with extremely poor social skills (perhaps bordering on autism spectrum), and I found him to be a highly sympathetic figure (plus, he loves his kitty - who couldn’t relate to that?).


What have you watched or listened to of late? What did you think of it?

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