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Think I just stopped a car thief/burglar.

I call it "Operation Big Black Dog" when I do it on purpose.

Went out the back way (like we normally do) which leads out to a little sub alley, paralell to the street, that leads off the normal alley. We go down and see a guy standing way deeper than any guy taking a piss should be. He's deeper in than the exit from the decks and close to the end of my neighbor's SUV AND the fence leading to another set of apartments and an antique shop. He's got what looks like a tool bag.

I said hi and just stood there processing how no person would be in that place even if they were hanging out with someone in the apartment building. Cooper the Big Black Dog was barking at him with his hair up. The guy did something (gloves, I don't know), picked up his bag and left the alley. I said something like, "Oh he's actually friendly" as Cooper was barking (his tail had started wagging like he wanted attention but still a 130 lb black dog barking).


After standing for a moment and checking that the guy hadn't peed in our sub-alley, I went to the street corner to see if he was walking down anything nearby so maybe I could follow him (see if he was actually a neighbor or just to be a suspicious Black Dog Patrol woman) but couldn't see him.

Think I'm going to tell the antique shop and my upstairs neighbor about it.

Most of my "Black Dog Patrol" operations include me being clingy and friendly. Like just standing there with Cooper while barks until the person leaves since I have a right to be there (even if it's just so my dog can pee and shit) and they probably don't.

Back door is locked BTW.

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