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Think the right wing drum has been beating for Erin Gloria Ryan

Erin Teetsel has joined the fight against the evils of Erin Gloria Ryan. She has likely been written up by Breitbart or some other right wing newspaper, which is why she is being attacked by randoms. It's not Paul Walker. No one gives a shit about him. It's because she made fun of Scott Walker and is therefore an evil liberal.

This guy:


is a right wing writer who has been a leader in campaigning for anti-gay marriage causes, including making the Manhattan Declaration. They want religious freedom!!! But not if you are a gay. His whole schtick is to be the reasonable face of the anti-gay rights movement. And see here, he's reasonable. REASONABLE. But he has to chime in!

I'd just be curious to know where it has originated. Between this and this, it's one of those coordinated right wing attacks, I think. I don't know what others think— I'm not even a huge fan of Erin Gloria Ryan but I don't think she is being attacked because what she said was so terrible. I think it's because it is scoring some people political points.

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