As much as I love love love not using condoms or having to remember to take a pill with horrible side effects.... I think I want this thing out of me.

Reason #1. My hormones have been crazy out of whack since having it placed almost a year ago. My emotions run on high at all times, and for about 3 weeks out of each month I'm very near the brink of tears ALL THE TIME. for no reason. I want my sanity back. Seriously, I want to feel like I'm not a crazy emotional wreck all the time.

Reason #2. My sex drive plummeted. It has taken me until just about now to realize it's probably the IUD's fault, but Mr.TenInch and I used to be crazy active when we first started dating. At first I thought the dive in consistent sexual activity was just the honeymoon phase wearing off... but now I'm seeing how I just doooon't want to have sex. With this man that I love and am seriously attracted to. I have never not wanted to have sex with someone I was dating until now.

Reason #3. I am having a lot of constant cramping. My ovaries hurt all the time. I've never had consistent pain in them or my uterus until having the IUD placed.

Of course, I haven't talked to my Dr. about any of this yet because I don't have health insurance right now, and it'll be at the very least another 3 months before I have some available to me (that's a whole other can of worms entirely)


I don't know what the point of any of this was, but it feels good to finally write down all of my thoughts about it and get it out there.