is never healthy. And yet, here I am, imagining a life that I could have if I only went back to a city I hate to possibly work jobs that I love. (I freelance.) It's too far away from family; it spends most of the year closely resembling Hell, and's where the work that I liked is based.

I moved away 3 1/2 years ago, and now I'm thinking about how great the work is, and how it was just starting to get steady when I left, so maybe if I go back, it would be better and I'd actually have money and be able to go on weekend excursions to mountains and beaches and fly to see family at important events. I'm starting to think

I know this is not the case, but I'm thinking about maybe going back, but better prepared this time. Like with a bigger car, and less debt.

In reality, I know I shouldn't go back. I didn't like it the first time; the next won't be all that much better. I'm meant to go to another place and do other work, that will be just as fun, if not funner. Sure, I have no idea where that next place will be, but it will surely be a better place than that Hell-on-Earth with the f*cking amazing jobs was.


I'm torn. Help talk me out of considering going back there.