Does anyone out there struggle with thinking ahead? Mr GV literally can't think more than about a month out and I want to understand it. The more stressed out he gets, the more that timeline shrinks. I've always been a planner, so it's really hard for me to comprehend this. Last night we were having a Talk and even though things are really hard for us right now I'm confident we'll get through it and be ok. Things will look different in a couple months, a year. His mom's birthday is next week and he can't even think that far ahead right now. It almost seems like a learning disability.

I know he's in a bad place right now. He described it as feeling like his arms and legs have been cut off. He's so run down he has distant memories of running on fumes. He's finally asking for specific help though I worry it's too little, too late and he'll end up getting really sick or something. He's carried me despite his own stress many times, so it's my turn for now. I just wish there was something I could do to make the future a more comfortable place for him.