i was thinking about that post a few days ago about sex ed and folks experiences or other anecdotes. I posted about my teacher in 1982. I am getting ragey about it.


In 1982 in an all boys catholic school there was a female teacher who taught morality and other philosophical plus sex ed.

I was a sophmore and in a class of about 25. She handed out a sketch. It was of a nude woman on a bed with legs apart. She described what each female parts is about. I am fairly certain we all knew breasts produced milk and where the penis goes.


A person asked who the woman was in the sketch. She replied “me”.

I always looked back on this as utterly horrible bad judgement but innocent. Of course being high school boys those copies of the sketches were shared on my bus after school and many other buses. Along with other places.

The next day she did try to retrieve the pictures but she got few back.

Now my thoughts are “what the hell was she thinking”. This is so seriously crossing the line. I believe today she would have been fired, arrested maybe. Then she continued teaching and was still teaching when I graduated. She became a department head in my last year.


She had to have known students would have spread the sketch around. She was mid30s and had taught for many years at the school. She could not have been so naive to think no one outside class would see it.

She so easily when asked who it was had said “no one in particular” instead she said “me”.

Now I am getting even more ragey also ragey at being so stupid as a sophmore thinking it was not that bad. Then until extremely recently just consign it as “bad judgement” and “innocent”.


Sadly looking back she more then any other teacher put me on a liberal path with her prochoice views and other views. She paid for a student’s girlfriend to get an abortion. She felt abortion for teens was better then forgoing good college chances and high school pregnancy. She was proSandinista and Daniel Ortega. Ok her convincing her parents to sterilize her brother who had Down Syndrome always disturbed though. I could never reconcile being prochoice yet taking another’s choice away solely because he was getting married.

She also in class talked about her dates and when they spent the night. That also crossed the line. Amazing this was a Catholic school too. Although in last few years I came across classmates who were molested by Brothers and heard stories plus one case was in the news. Brothers as in kinda male equivelent to nuns at least how I understood it.

Part of me wishes to just think of this as bad judement and innocent. Yet maybe that would embrace naiveness. Although maybe it was and I am cynical. Thoughts.