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Thinking of playground teasing and naming a child

How much do take this into account when naming a child?

I know we've talked about names on GT before, I think it's fun.


My husband has finally dropped this idea, but I'll always remember it and think fondly of the time he drunkenly suggested naming our second born after his cat. Who is still alive and well.

So, we're down to three names but...every time I try one out my husband shouts something obscene that rhymes with it. For example, I like the name Tait/Tate and then he'll shout "NO, THEY'LL CALL HIM TAINT" or something like that. I'll try out Ashton or Ash and he'll shout "HEY BABY ASSTON!" I feel like he hasn't suggested any names for me (other than his cat's name), just vetoed everything that I've come up with.

I get that I don't want k-12 to be a horrible, name calling experience - but I think if kids are going to tease a kid, they're going to tease no matter what. More recent experience on elementary school playgrounds has convinced me that all small children, when left unattended (or they think they're unattended) are actually terrible.


Will I ruin my son's life if his name rhymes with something or is easily turned into an insult? :(

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