I've heard a lot about a female superhero movie lately, and I've noticed the same names being suggested: Black Widow, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. All good choices (although I'm not a fan of ScarJo as an actress) but I think we need to go beyond those three.

She-Hulk would be interesting, but she would pose a few problems in the current MCU. First of all, her origin: Jennifer Walters was a regular human lawyer until she got shot by a gangster and needed a blood transfusion, and the only match was her cousin: Bruce Banner.

Think about that for a minute: MCU Bruce has barely come to terms with his Hulkness, and he's going to risk donating his gamma ray filled blood?

The other thing is that She-Hulk is one of the more public superheroes. She appears in court as She-Hulk. Court scenes featuring an 8 foot tall green lawyer would have to be handled... let's just say carefully.


As for the properties owned by Fox (X-People and Fantastic Four) , they tend to be more team-oriented, but there's some room for more female involvment there. Have Kitty Pryde head up a New Mutants team, or give Storm a solo movie. On the FF side there's the Inhumans, who have some awesome female characters (Medusa, Crystal)

DC has SO much other than just Wonder Woman. There's the various Kryptonians (Power Girl, Supergirl), Zatanna, Batgirl/Batwoman...


What do you think? ANy Dark Horse or Image ones I missed? Or even public domain ones?