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Third most beautiful song ever misspelling changes it all

This song does NOT start with a K. Song would have an entirely different meaning. Although I did read a comment from a person from the 60s who at the time believed there was a k and to him he associated the song with fallen soldiers returning from Vietnam. That is beautiful interpretation. Another comment was from a woman who broke up with her boyfriend 40 years ago and he sent her those lyrics. She interpreted it as him coming out to her which makes sense with many of the lines. “Letters I have written but never meaning to send”. The comments are in the link along with song background.

The song if you have not guessed by now is Nights In White Satin. The lyrics are beautiful. I loved how the Moody Blues incorporated an orchestra with the words. Justin Hayward wrote a masterpiece. Great voice to. I also love how this song touches people in different ways.


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