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Third of Britain 'admit being racially prejudiced'

So apparently a third of Britain is slightly racist or more.

I just have some thoughts that I would like to share:

• A third of Britain is slightly to very racist. UKIP got close to a third of the vote at the MEP elections. Coincidence? I think not


• How do you get people to straight up say they are a little bit racist in a survey?

• Do you agree with Sunder Katawala that this may be because people hold themselves to a higher standard than in previous decades?

• How depressing it is that we seem to have made so little progress since the 1980s...

Edit - The Actual Data for people who are interested


Apparently ~38% also think that 'same-sex relationships can be wrong sometimes' and that 37% 'think that many claims about global warming have been exaggerated'

I'm beginning to think that a third of our country isn't very bright....

Edit 2 - I love how I mispelled 'prefudiced' and didn't notice for three hours.

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