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Thirsty Thursday: Tea Infuser Test Edition

Tonight I took a special trip to the mecca that is Davis's Tea, and I somehow (is really not a mystery, I could buy the whole store if I had the money) left the store with a new tea toy: 'The Steeper', a Magic Infuser tea steeper extraordinaire. I had heard of these tea infusers, and seen them each time I've been into the store, but always thought "hmm, nice, but unnecessary". It does look absolutely awesome and after trying it I'm hooked! So I thought I'd share, because if any of you enjoy tea (and I know your out there, I've talked tea before!), this is a seriously 100% must have.

So, first off, what exactly is a Magic Infuser, and what all comes with? According to the box, it's a specially designed steeper, similar to a tea pot. It lets you watch your tea steep, and "when you're ready to sip, a rush valve magically opens and your infused tea flows out through a specially designed filtration system. When you lift the steeper, the valve closes automatically". Complex!


It was available in two sizes; I opted for the smaller 18oz/530ml size at $19.99CAD, since I'm the only one in the house who drinks tea (Mr. L thinks tea tastes "like dirt". Blasphemy!). Box contents: 1 clear plastic coaster (with the word 'coaster' written across it, incase I forget, I guess), and 1 tea Infuser.

I'm steeping a new iced tea I bought tonight called "Pink Passionfruit", a mix of apple, rosehip, sweet blackberry leaves, hibiscus, passionfruit, and orange; and let me tell you, it smells amazing! I've scooped in my desired amount of tea, an then it's time to add the boiling water...

Instructions on my tea stated it should steep for 4-5 minutes, and then be poured over ice and served. Since I was not anticipating this purchase, I didn't have any ice made, so it's going into a regular old cup and then into the fridge to chill!

Once ready, place a cup onto the bottom piece of the steeper releases the tea into your cup/mug of choice. If the mouth of your desired cup/mug is much bigger than the bottom of the steeper, don't fret! You can simply hold it over any cup and use your finger to gently put pressure on the release plate at the bottom, the stream is small and the release plate is large, so you can easily do this without worrying about burning yourself on boiling hot tea. I filled it to the brim, and it made enough to fill a relatively standard sized coffee mug right to the top. This not only makes it great for single servings, if you want seconds, you can always re-steep your leaves for a flavorful second cup!


So? The final verdict? Does it really steep tea that well to justify the cost? In my opinion, absolutely. Tonight's cups of tea have been by far the best, tastiest, and might I add easiest way to brew loose tea I've come across yet (it makes iced teas super simple too!). Okay, what about the cleanup and the messy loose tea in the bottom? Easy as pie to clean! I just used my fingers to scrape what I could into the garbage, and then simply turned on the faucet and rinsed the steeper, and ran water through the valve to flush it clean. Then let it sit on the dish rack to dry, and voila! Done.

Overall, it's very visually appealing, simple to use and clean, and makes an effing fabulous cup of tea. I of course couldn't leave the mall without a bag of Kernels Popcorn, in the flavor "Double Hit"; so very tasty and full of irony! Okay, maybe orgasmic is a better description of it...


What are your favorite summer teas/iced teas/adult beverages/whatever you drink?! Do you have any neat/obscure tea making devices? Share your faves, any the yummiest way to make them; with pics of course! (The "Pink Passionfruit Iced Tea" from David's Tea, the tea in the above photos, has just leaped to the to of my list. Great tea, easily one of my faves!)

* I will post pictures of my other steeping devices below as soon as I get a chance!*

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