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This Actually Happened

I just got into an argument with someone on rainbowdashcrash's facebook wall because they OPENLY ADVOCATED LESS FORTUNATE CHILDREN SHOULD STARVE TO DEATH because of "personal responsibility." This actually happened. I am legitimately having trouble processing this...particularly since this person made this argument TO someone who was in the situation of not being able to afford baby formula because of the WIC and the shutdown. This person, I am told, apparently works with at-risk teenagers, meaning he works a shitty-paying job in order to try to do some good in the world.

Suffice it to say, I was not diplomatic.

I'm not exaggerating for dramatic effect. This is the gold standard we use to mock Libertarianism and someone ACTUALLY JUST MADE THAT ARGUMENT UNIRONICALLY. I just cannot comprehend someone so lacking in basic human empathy that they would say to someone "your child should starve to death." How much of a fucking monster do you have to be to make that argument? How less than human do you need to be to even THINK it?

ETA: greenheart explained to me how to computer, so here you go. But I have no idea how to make them bigger.


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