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For those of you who aren't mainlined into NPR like I am (The Nerdy Sister gets in trouble for forgetting to switch the radio back in the car, haha), I just wanted to bring this week's episode to your attention.

Since it doesn't look like the summary is loading, I'll give some. Carmen Segerra (who is a BAMF) worked as a bank examiner for Goldman Sachs after the financial crisis. When another FED employee told her she didn't hear someone say something, that she knew damn well she heard, she started recording her meetings (NY law states she's in the clear, since she only recorded conversations in which she was a participant).


She gave the tapes to NPR and ProPublica, who released a print version available here.

Basically, all of this says that we have a systemic problem, as many have suspected, wherein the Federal Reserve is too cozy with the banks they're supposed to be regulating. There's a general attitude of "don't make waves" which is the difference between us and Iceland. (Page needs to be translated).


So, let's hope now that NPR and ProPublica have done the hard work of bothering to care the rest of the media will start to run with this, and people who have not done their jobs responsibly both in private institutions and the Fed can start to be held motherfucking accountable for actions that have destroyed families and lives.

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